Phase Training

Where did it come from and what is it?


Many children today do not have the opportunity to participate in youth sports like Little League, Junior All-American, AYSO, etc. Because of this, many children are not taught the basic athletic concepts creating an uneven playing field and loss of opportunity to compete. Created by an ex pro baseball player, a top strength and conditioning boxing trainer and a mental health director, with a total of over 30 years of combined experience teaching high risk youth, Phase Training was developed through trial and error of effective ways to show children structure and direction to be used in everyday life with hope of a “backdoor” approach to the classroom. Revolving around immediate positive results, participants see first hand the fruits of their labor.

Phase Training came out of research that examined what can be done to help decrease the physical aggression found in adolescent boys. The occurrence of aggressive diagnoses in adolescent boys, specifically those in the systems of care, are extremely high. The effects of these aggressive behavioral tendencies can affect present behavior and can predict negative outcomes in these children. Phase Training is a structured physical activity program designed to decrease the physical aggression found in adolescent boys to then decrease the negative long-term outcomes. The initial trials of Phase Training were run over a six-week periods using a pre-test and post-test method.

Some of the mental health goals that can be associated with Phase Training and not limited to are mood stability, attention problems, impulse control, and defiance. Almost any structured physical activity is beneficial for most diagnosis.

Phase Training is a six week, twice a week program where participants are introduced, instructed, and tested on the fundamentals of athletic regimens required for all sporting endeavors and personal health. Participants are taught the major muscle groups of their body, their functionality, and how to incorporate that into their daily physical well being. Phase Training is primarily based on personal assessment and achievement. In the beginning participants are weighed, measured, and tested on a variety of abilities related to physical agility. Phase training thereafter consists of muscle awareness and development, proper training implementation, personal goal establishment and testing for acknowledged improvement, and the importance of cooperation.

After initial testing, the middle four weeks are based on circuit style training. Participants learn a stretch and agility routine which then leads into a circuit style training. A circuit-style format is very effective with youth. They can always look ahead to the next station to remind themselves of what comes next, and if they don’t like a station, they know it’s over in a minute. This will keep their attention and focus on the task at hand.

Phase Training is committed to teaching “at” and “high-risk” youth the value of athletic fundamentals and education in order to help promote positive alternative outlooks towards life. We realize that Phase Training can be good for anyone at any age. Different forms of Phase Training have been implemented as needed. Below are some of Phase Training's capabilities and goals but is not limited to the following:

• Structured athletic/exercise program implementation.

• Program is universal to promote lifelong health, strength, conditioning, and physical awareness essential to all sporting endeavors

• Total sport instruction designed to be incorporated through Phase Training II (or Phase II) into desired events like baseball, football, basketball, track and field, softball, soccer, extreme and action sports, etc.

Program goals:
* Promote individual achievement and learning.
* Promote a group dynamic: Group achievement, learning, and cooperation.
* Develop personal awareness.
* Develop an appreciation for structured work habits and routines.
* Develop basic problem solving skills and advanced analytic skills essential to lifelong learning.

Free Phase Training

Phase Training was created initially for over-active boys and turned into something for all. Because of that, we have put up our basic Phase Training outline that can be done at home as an individually, as a team and even as a family. It is all about setting Personal Records each day. Look out for our community testing days to see where you stack up!

6-week supervised Phase Training ran by On Deck Instructors can currently be found in both CA and Oregon. (May have additional fees.)

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