On Deck Foundation

Est. 2002


This foundation recognizes that there are children that belong to a community, and that there are children without a community to belong to. Also, there are children in your community, or the community next to you that will never have the opportunity to participate in either youth or school programs.

There are children who will never have little league memories, the opportunity to drive at 16, go on a date, attend their high school prom or graduation, earn college scholarships, own a pet, or receive vocational training.

Some of these children are mentally and physically gifted, and thus have talents that they are unaware of. These talents can lead to having college paid for; opportunities open where they have been closed, better their self worth, and more. The children that this foundation recognizes and will place a special interest in are the children being raised by the state.

The state does what it can for foster children, but the bottom line is that it is not enough. This foundation is dedicated to helping all children of all fundamental levels and abilities within our communities. However, foster children have very few options.

First, the state attempts to reunite these children with their families. Unfortunately, for most children this is not always possible, and sadly adoption is only a reality for a small percentage of wards in state care. The next option is another state facility or group home. The On Deck Foundation looks to provide programming for the children being moved throughout counties. The child may be in another city the next morning but he or she will still be a part of the On Deck Foundation and its programs.

There are 500,000 children in foster care nationwide. There are 70,000 in CA with over 30,000 in LA County alone.

On Deck's ultimate vision is to very soon, have every single child in the foster system have the opportunity to experience normal adulthood and to provide for their very own family!

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