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Est. 2002


As a measure of reinforcement the On Deck Foundation has adopted the name “Community Circles” to promote its athletic, arts, and education programs. This idea works in unity with the On Deck philosophy and serves to strengthen the community bonds that On Deck wishes to establish.

Athletic, arts, and educational outreach programs are structured in such a way that either can be approached as an instructional clinic. All programs are facilitated and instructed by individuals who are professionals of or have a specialization in the program to be instructed.

On Deck recognizes the valuable role of structure, stability, and reliability that athletic programs play in teaching and establishing important life lessons and values. All athletic programs developed by On Deck are designed in such a way that they mirror and teach the value of structure as it would play out when one is dedicated to their family, community, education, career, and self.

On Deck, however, will never lose sight of establishing community and educational values through all programs, from athletics to the arts. We structure each program so that it stresses the values of teaching and learning whether it is explicitly or tacitly stated.

On Deck Current Programs

Phase Training:  Weekly, quarterly sports programs committed to teaching “at” and “high-risk” youth the value of athletic fundamentals and education in order to help promote positive alternative outlooks towards life.

Phase Training was developed and is overseen by professional athletes and coaches who are familiar with the specific needs of the foster population. Many foster children grow up moving throughout the foster system without the opportunity to participate in team or individual sports.

Phase Training is sort of a "crash course" program to get youth up to speed with their peers. During Phase Training, youth are taught muscle awareness and function, stretch and agility routines, strength, conditioning and diet basics. Phase Trainers discover their athletic potential through:

Using a pre and post-test method, youth are tested during week 1 and week 6 in the following areas: height, weight, sit-n-reach, sit-ups, push-ups, vertical leap, broad jump, shuttle run, 40-yd dash and the mile if available.

During weeks 2-5, youth are taught a stretch and agility routine, strength and conditioning circuit and techniques for each of the exit tests.

Many Phase Trainers experience the phrase, "I can!", for the first time. Phase Training is the pre-requisite establishing an athletic foundation for the youth to take into Phase Training II which introduces them into a specific sport of interest.

Athletic Clinics: To be utilized as a means of establishing an alternative to expensive and often unaffordable private lessons by enlisting the support and volunteer services of professional athletes and specialists to provide instruction about the fundamentals of athletics and various other professional aspects.

• Instructional clinics are given in baseball, football, basketball, and any other athletic sport that can be facilitated.

• Clinics can be area specific. For example, a baseball clinic may be pitching, hitting, or fielding only.

• Instruction for clinics is provided by On Deck volunteers who are professionals or individuals with a specialized background in the sport to be instructed.

• Clinics are usually sponsored events or institutionally facilitated. In most cases the primary instructors are On Deck volunteers.

Music: Advisory Board member, Fletcher Dragge, bring years of combined knowledge and experience in music, writing, and life which serves as the perfect base for these children not only to learn but also relate.


Community College Circle: Foster Youth can be found in every major city in the United States. In California there are also community colleges. The students of these colleges are heroes to the children in these communities. With the help of the 3c4a, the CCC program has children within the system invited to their local communtity college to experience their first baseball, football, basketball, etc. games or events. In return, after full background and clearance, the student-athletes visit the facilities to see where and how these children live. The relationships between the children and the community college is invaluable to promote life-long learning for both the child and college student.


Baseball: The On Deck Foundation’s Hard 9 Developmental Baseball Program gives LA and Orange County’s foster youth of ages 14 and under, an opportunity to experience top of the line coaching, equipment, facilities and competition.  With the Hard 9 Baseball’s main training facility located at THE OFFICE in Anaheim, CA, satellite fields and cages are also being utilized in the San Gabriel Valley areas as well. On Deck sponsored youth have unlimited use once entered in the developmental program. They will also have an opportunity to make the Elite and travel teams. The program is available year-round. For Hard 9's website CLICK HERE.


Daryl & BBHudson w/Winky Wright

Boxing: Advisory Board member, BB Hudson has trained Sugar Shane Mosely, Lala Ali, Lamon Brewster, and Winky Wright to mention a few. On Deck's Boxing program is made up of 6-week programs offered to current and graduates of Phase Training. Boxing has been used as a tool to build confidence as well as discipline. On Deck's Boxing program has also created many mentor-ship and role-modeling experiences.


Cycling:The establishment of a cycling program (Master’s and Junior racing) is our continued response to the diverse needs and experiences of the children that the On Deck Foundation has pledged to serve. The opportunity to showcase one’s talents and be a part of something special is the dream of every child. Cycling provides the aforementioned without the necessity of racing a bicycle. We believe the diversity of experiences in cycling are the perfect platform to move all of our endeavors forward. In particular, we believe that cycling provides the best opportunity for us to promote community involvement, interest, and activism pertaining to a special population of children whose needs have long been inadequately met. It is thus our intended purpose to utilize cycling to establish social justice now and well into the future for these children; as well as, to others like them who could benefit from the positive interactions and experiences gained through cycling and community activism. We are currently putting together the 2011 cycling kit. To get involved or become a sponsor, leave your information on the contact page.

On Deck Roller Hockey Developmental Program: Advisory Board Members, Juaquin and Itan, have brought the sport of Roller Hockey to the youth of the On Deck Foundation. Juaquin is a 2010 USA Olympic Gold Medalist. Itan runs clinic worldwide. The players involvement consists of closed demos and clinics.
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