On Deck Foundation

Est. 2002


The On Deck Foundation recognizes the valuable role of structure, stability, and reliability that athletic, arts and education programs play in teaching and establishing important life lessons and values. Therefore, all programs developed by On Deck are designed in such a way that they mirror and teach (and in some cases re-teach) the value of structure as it would play out when one is dedicated to their family, community, job, education, and self.  In some cases, On Deck programs are in a loose sense a form of child development, and a tool for building stronger community bonds and relationships.

On Deck recognizes that there will always be a special outside interest placed on athletics and the arts. However, we will never lose sight of establishing educational values; therefore, we will ensure that every program always incorporates the fundamentals of teaching and learning. And although this point may never be explicitly stated, the motivation behind every program is always: “Teach first!” In incorporating this philosophy On Deck will create an appreciation and dedication towards something of great personal value, and bring in “through the back door” so to speak, a greater appreciation for education and community that is built from this philosophy.  Ultimately, On Deck envisions the same children that have been taught from this model to in turn teach what they have learned to others as active On Deck volunteers and community supporters wherever they are. 

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