On Deck Foundation

Est. 2002


"To help underprivileged and at-risk children of all fundamental levels, gain the skills, knowledge, and self esteem essential to personal maturity through education, arts, and athletics."

Whether we like it or not, each child in our community is going to have an at-bat. At the age of 18 our children will have an at-bat in life. What are we going to put in their box score?
Through education, arts and athletics, the On Deck Foundation will support the children in all of our communities by creating opportunities for them to believe in “second chances,” and the words “I Can!” In particular, the On Deck Foundation will place a special emphasis on assisting underprivileged children in “high-risk” and “at-risk” communities where access to extended athletic, arts and educational opportunities can be a great hardship.
The lives of children can be affected and influenced in a number of ways. For some children economic circumstance prevents them from participating in group sports, the arts and succeeding in school.  For others negative circumstances in their communities and homes are substantial deterrents to their participation and educational success. And sadly for most the harsh reality is that both cases apply.
The On Deck Foundation will aid the children of these communities by establishing athletic, arts and educational programs that stress the value of personal achievement through hard work (individually and cooperatively), structure, and education.
Also, the On Deck Foundation recognizes that these same children are often forced to compete with sub par equipment, as well as study with inadequate supplies. Inasmuch as is possible the On Deck Foundation will provide proper equipment and supplies to these children enabling them to compete and forward their education despite their circumstances.

Please help us in making a “difference” in the lives of children that struggle every day to find one.

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