On Deck Foundation

Est. 2002

The inherent idea behind the On Deck Foundation is to promote healthier lifestyles and success for underprivileged, "at-risk," and "high-risk" children and communities. Within some of these communities, there are children experiencing all of the above. There is, and always will be, a special interest placed on wards of the state and foster-care. This idea is played out through awareness and outreach programs established, facilitated, and supported by the On Deck Foundation. "At age 18, every child will have their at-bat in life, what will we put in their box-score?" Read More

New Partnership!! On Deck Foundation has just joined forces with SoCal Sports Academy in South Orange County. As of August 2017, our Foster Youth can now sign up (Legal Guardians) at socalsportsacademy.com and register for free. Once registered, you will be able to add the athlete and then enroll them in the Fostering Confidence Annual Membership. The Fostering Confidence Annual Membership is for youth involved with DCFS or foster system. Membership includes free location rentals (30 min per day), free SSA classes, camps and clinics. They also get a place to call home! Thank you SSA!

New Website Coming Soon!! Fall 2017
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